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Cook and Sip Social Club is a community that brings together people with shared interests in culinary experiences, particularly around exploring loose leaf teas and basic cooking. Our club offers members an intimate setting to explore the tastes and stories that come with each culinary experience, while fostering new friendships and connections among like-minded individuals.

One of our signature experiences is our tea tasting events, where participants are introduced to an assortment of carefully selected loose leaf teas from around the world and paired with pastries or small bites. We help attendees explore the distinct flavors, aromas, and histories of these teas, promoting an appreciation for the cultural signification and craftsmanship behind each cup.

Each gathering becomes an occasion to savor the taste of exotic tea blends and indulge one's palate in a different culinary adventure. We curate monthly social experiences to include educational workshops, business vendor events, interactive tea and cooking classes, selfcare tea & yoga events plus more! Click the shop tab, scroll down to event tickets and see our upcoming social club events.

Please email us for interest in collaborations. 


  • Tea Tasting Experience
  • Basic Group Cooking Class Dinner Party (Coming Soon)

Please book us for your next event. If you are interested in collaboration or have questions, please send an email to cookandsip1@gmail.com

Thank you!

Tiffany, Founder/Owner

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