Tea Tasting Experience

What is a tea tasting experience like?

The tea tasting experience is a luxury workshop that fosters interaction, personalization, and a deeper appreciation for the world of luxury teas. Bookings are made in advance for private events. Guests are provided with the necessary equipment, such as tea infusers or teapots, and given instructions on the appropriate amount of loose-leaf teas, water temperature, and steeping time for their chosen tea. Tasting cups are provided and guests are guided through a sensory experience. They are encouraged to observe the appearance of the brewed tea, inhale the fragrant aromas, and take small sips to savor the flavors.

This hands-on experience is fun, educational and also empowers guests to take part in the tea-making process and further enhances their connection with their selected tea.

Sessions Consist of:

  • 3 tea different luxury blends paired with tea pastries or small bite appetizers.
  • Aromatherapy to awaken the nasal senses & relieve stress.
  • Candles to set the mood.


Our tea tasting workshops are private bookings. Great for birthdays, company/employee team building, anniversary, special occasions or to simply try something new.

Some of our Past Collaborative Events:

  • Tea & Yoga
  • Paint & Tea Party
  • Vendor Events
  • Dinner Party & Tea
  • Tea for Mental Health

Event Tickets and Tea Tasting

Event Tickets

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